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Apartment Boy

You’re busy.  Life’s busy.  Work’s got you busy.  The family’s got you busy.

It never ends.

That’s why we created ApartmentBoy.com…..because you’re busy.

You need a place?  That’s what we do.  Need it fast?  We got you covered.  Need to research on your own?  Browse away.

We make life easier on you.  One less thing on your checklist.

ApartmentBoy.com is all about serving you, and we do this in a very easy way:  we listen to what you want.

Whether its a 1 bedroom apartment with a W/D included on the south side of town, or a penthouse in a hi-rise right in the middle of everything….with granite counter tops….and a pool…..and a maid…..and a cook…..and a tiger….and chairs with your initials embroidered upon them…

If its out there and its what you want, then that’s what you deserve.  We’re here to provide you 5-star, courteous service in finding your new place, and at the bargain-basement price of Free.  Zilch.  Nada penny.

You are what’s important.  Let us show you why.  Let us show you how.

You deserve it.  We’re here to serve you.

Now let’s find your new apartment.

Rock on! Cheers 🙂



Adversity visits the strong, it stays with the weak, and the only difference is the choice you make to be one or the other.

1.  Set a goal and dream big.
2.  Experiment. (…just fail forward!)
3.  Improve every day.
4.  Be Yourself.
5.  Enjoy the journey & have fun along the journey.
6.  Always give back.

Our Team

The ApartmentBoy Team is ready to assist you with your every need! Whether you need assistance finding apartments, condos, townhomes, etc - we've got your back!

Our friendly staff consists of licensed agents and Realtors in the state of Texas, willing to lineup appointments for you, check availability at properties, and see what special deals are available for your move in date!