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Adversity visits the strong, it stays with the weak, and the only difference is the choice you make to be one or the other.

1.  Set a goal and dream big.
2.  Experiment. (…just fail forward!)
3.  Improve every day.
4.  Be Yourself.
5.  Enjoy the journey & have fun along the journey.
6.  Always give back.

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Vice President Sales Texas Apartment Radio Show

VP Sales Texas Apartment Radio Show

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You've been in and around high levels of the apartment industry for 10-20 years. You know some people and you might say, "You know a guy" ...and it would be true!
You know people in the industry.
You know leaders at big management companies like Greystar and Francis and all the rest.
You can sell.
You walk in the room and people notice you.
You don't give up.
You want your own "gig"... you want to sink a well and have it pay off.
You're entrepreneurial but not so much that you're not dependable or reliable.
You give your word and people take it to the bank - and they'll tell us that very same thing.
You've already made good money and you're ready to make great money.
You have a smart phone contact list that would make most people jealous.
You aren't afraid of investing in yourself and knowing that almost everything you kill you get to eat a big junk of.
You can hit the ground running.

We're one of the fastest growing Locating companies in Texas going from 4 people to almost 80 in the last 3 years.
We are aggressive and are ready to build the premium Apartment Brand in the state of Texas. Not Locating Brand... The Number 1 Brand Associated with the word "Apartments" in Texas.
Our company motto: Adversity visits the strong and stays with the weak. And the only difference is the choice you make to be one or the other.


  • There are 6 million potential clients of ours, renting, in the 5 cities we are in in Texas.

We just want 3% market share of them using our Free Service to help them save time and money to find their next apartment. - That is a big number.
To do that we are going big in the media.
There are now over 100 talk radio shows in our five cities dealing with Real Estate.
ZERO of those... ZERO... deal with leasing apartments and the multi family industry
So we are launching in May the Texas Apartment Radio Show.
We've already tested Our Top Apartments in Texas program and we will be publishing in newspapers our lists of Top Apartments in Texas.
And we are subscribing Digital Billboards in our markets and will feature the apartments on those billboards.
Apartments spend their money on Location Location Location and rightfully so.
That leaves a huge void in the industry for Brand Awareness with the apartment renting public.
You will connect all the apartments with the opportunity to become a part of that in a way that is long overdue.
We will help brand them as Top Apartments in Dallas, in Fort Worth, in Houston, in Austin, in San Antonio and Texas...
We will promote them and drive traffic to their property and website.
For that they will pay us. You.
You will make a small base and we cover all expenses and all costs.
You will build this and build it fast due to your contacts.
Our radio show people have a wealth of experience.
Our marketing team does as well.
But what we don't have is the Director of Sales to connect the opportunity to the Apartments.
Potential income is much larger than shown here and we will spin this piece of the business off and you may have the opportunity to earn and/or buy into that company.
We're doing this and we're doing it FAST.
So if you're not a 60-80 hour a week worker who is incredibly adept at all the software, and can multi task and stay HIGHLY ORGANIZED... this isn't for you.

Watch this video
Email me td at apartmentboy dot com Tell me about yourself, include a resume. Text me when you email me at eight three 2 five 2 6 five 8 two 3

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $200,000.00 to $350,000.00 /year

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