Benjamin Dittmans 7 Tips


BENJAMIN: Dillard Properties how can I help you?

Client:Hi, I called.. Are yall open..

BENJAMIN:: Yes, All of the properties we work with are open until 5:30.. Which one was it, I can make sure there is someone there for you to view…

Client: 2500 Tanglwilde ( I recommend a different property to view, if its the office address.. If it is, I say “great.. Let me make sure its available.. (Most leads have the availability on their actual websites.).. So I call the apartment after the call to make sure they have availability or grab the persons name.. I give the person a call back right afterwords.. Say, its good to go. And then I tell them Let “Onsite agents name” know Apartment Boy referred you, and then also let them know that I will send them a text with all the details. 

Text Reply States..

Alexan Riveredge

Studio-fully upgraded

$872 for 550 Square Feet

120 Turtle Creek Blvd

Ask for Rebeca

Please let them know Benjamin Apartment Boy referred you 🙂 Also, as a thank you our rebate team will send you a visa gift card of $50-$200…

Thank You Again!!!!

I call them after viewing, and ask how did everything go?

They say: We applied, or it was a little to much..

If someone all ready viewed, and calls your number asking about the app, its simple.. Get the admin and app fee details for them and let them know you have rebates starting as low as $50 depending on the property. And to please use Bem/Apartment Boy as the referral 


Me: Dilliard Properties, this is Ben. How Can I help out?

Customer: Yes, I saw your one bedroom, is it available. 

Me:We have some available, but we work with properties all over (Houston, Dallas) Which part of town or address did you see online that you liked?

Customer: I liked the one on 2500 Tanglewilde for $600

Me: Great, That one is actually a virtual office representing several properties, but I do have some next to it without Washer and Dryers for the Same Price

Customer. Oh, We need connections, or washer and dryers in unit. Or Okay great what are they.. 

 (If they are comfortable with the circumstances I find a recommendation from Smart Locating, and then mention I have many more locations for them to check out.. And ask for the contact info to send the report….)

 If not then I tell them, The database I have is all the apartments in Houston, and it looks like the best price on Washer and Dryer is $800,  but if you like I can send both options to get a feel for the different locations.

What’s your email, phone number, name, (YADA YADA YADA)

Me: Oh, and I almost forgot to ask… When did you want to view? 

Them:  Monday

Me: Great, let me know your favorites and I will set them up for you, 

Them: Okay, Thanks

Me: And, When you view also let them know Apartment Boy referred you and will get a $50-$100 gift card for you. It will also be in my email at the bottom in big red lettering.

Them: Thanks alot!

Me: I hope you have a great day!!! Talk To you soon!!

Them: Same to you! 


91 Fifty Apartments 

Google review: 3.7

Price: $984 for 733 square feet

Special: 1-2 months free

Distance: 16 minutes from 77040

Link to pictures:

Cypress village apartments

Google review: 4 

Price: $987 for 695 square feet 

Special: dependent on type of employment 

Distance: 17 minutes from 77040

Link to pictures:

Tiburon apartments 

Google review: 3 

Price $851 for 661 square feet 

Special: 1 month free

Distance: 8 minutes from 77040 

Link to pictures:



Make sure you go back through and call back all your Missed Calls… do those each day.

Come up with system of tracking who’s been called and who hasn’t

Right now I’m working my butt off on doing the things necessary to build our brand up…

Need you guys to be very diligent with each lead…  Do not just touch base once, get No response, and never go back to the lead again…

If it’s a missed call… PLEASE stay on it until you get response…

You need a system for follow up on missed calls each day…  At least touch base 4-5 times before you dismiss…

It’s a simple text and phone call…


COLD CALLING VIDEO TRAINING…  For calling your Missed Call Leads

7.Followup TIPS


Phone lead 1st response upon minutes after phone call

Hey XName, I am extremely glad that you called!!! I just sent some info to your email regarding (XAREA XPRICE with XSPECifCS) 

As mentioned in the email when viewing properties please let them know Benjamin w/Apartment Boy referred you on the application/G-Card and my team will send you a cash rebate/gift-card of $50-$200 for using our free service. 

Please let me know if there is any other areas/zip code you would like me to check on, Or any properties you would like to view? Thanks again!!!

-Benjamin D.

Busy day,  small leads.. didn’t get with the day of phone call scenario 1st follow up

Hi, XXX, this is Ben Dittman. I hope you received the list of apartment photos and floor plans  that I sent to you yesterday. Please feel free to call me at this number if you have any questions.

CR 0-1

Just wanted to touch base and see if there was anything in the report I can help with? Or any way I can help save you time with the apartment search?

I’m not sure if you got in touch with XXXHighestPercent$XXX, but currently they X(Specifics about the unit with details in their criteria)


Whats up XName!

 I found a amazing special in XXX Area on XXX Street…





CR 2-3

Hey XName, Here is a link to my website. 🙂 I totally forgot to mention it. There is helpful info such as links to crime statistics and ways to save huge on your move!

CR 4

I called a few apartments today trying to find deals.

So far I found

1. XProperty, XSpecial, XPrice, XUpgrades


2. XProperty, XSpecial, XPrice, XUpgrades


3.XProperty, XSpecial, XPrice, XUpgrades



Just a update.. 

I sent a list of over # Specials to your email. let me know if there are any that you like? I made sure to include plenty of 1 month free deals! 


The pricing and availability on most of the properties have changed due to time, is there any I can call for you today? If not, I will have a new list to your email soon. Just let me know your favorites.  


Hey XName.. I really am glad Iv’e been of assistance …

Here is the link to make sure we know the exact address to send the rebate/ gift card to after you move in..  

(Claim Cash Rebate link sent to text message…)


Scenario is dependent on if they have been responsive.. Responsive= Property updates,Schedule viewings and etc… 

Non Responsive=Have you found a place, or still looking?… Set to Low Priority or Opt Out at this point if the budget is less then $600

Things to note.. Every time you text a special.. Include the apartment boy rebate as a special. Example:

7 Seventy Apartments

-1 bd/1bath

2 Months free +up to $200 for using Apartment Boy as the referral 

-680 Square Feet for $890

-Washer And Dryer

-Fully upgraded “Stainless Steel appliances & Hardwood floors

-Resort Fitness Center

-Free Coffee Lounge

1-2 Pics attached

 Also, Call reminders when client is responsive can sometimes be getting more details on properties that they have all ready showed interest in,  or trying to get a view date.