Updated Sunday October 9, 2016, 1:01 PM

Today’s Daily Success Report covers final official results for

Top New Leads Taken
Chris Morel 385
Matthew Gonzalez-Rivas 326
Benjmain Dittman 253
Emma Anderson 251
Hayden Hamilton 239
Hillary Paine 220
Brett Unruh 206
Victor Zhou 200
Brandon Utley 190
Olivia Boone 186
Steve Schrittwieser 161
Jill Hough 160
Molly Guevara 155
Imelda Interino 150
Sharon Batchelor 150

Call Reminders Done
Emma Anderson  1556
Imelda Interino 825
Brandon Utley 810

Total Invoices Created
Jill Hough 25
Victor Zhou & Emma Anderson 24 each
Chris Morel 20

Top Closing Ratios with 150 Minimum New Leads Taken
Jill Hough 15.0%
Victor Zhou 13.5%
Imelda Interino 10.7%
Steve Schrittwieser 9.94%
Emma Anderson 9.2%
Brandon Utley 7.4%
Olivia Boone 7.0%
Benjamin Dittman 6.3%
Brett Unruh 5.8%
Chris Morel 5.2%
Hayden Hamilton 4.2%
Hillary Paine 4.1%

Whale Report
52 Whales were landed in September
Victor Zhou  13
Benjamin Dittman 6
Hayden Hamilton 5

Multiple Whales Landed By:
Jackie Fairchild, Imelda Interino, Molly Guevara
Olivia Boone, Hillary Paine, Brett Unruh, Brandon Utley
Sharon Batchelor & Steve Schittwieser

Other Stats For September
The Industry Average Invoice is about $550.
16 People had averages in September above that amount.
Five had averages over $1000.

4,444 Phone Calls were answered in September
4,152 Phone Calls were missed in September
This is common place and we’re still trying to come up with fixes
both with how you get phone calls and how Ring Central best
works for Apartment Boy.  No matter how you look at it though…
That’s a lot of potential $ somebody didn’t get.
That represents conservatively over 200 missed leases.

Over 8000 Missed Calls & Internet Leads were distributed
All of Houston’s were distributed
All of Austin’s were distributed
846 were undistributed out of Dallas Fort Worth
810 were undistributed out of San Antonio
That’s 1600 plus… Or more than 90 leases.

Updated Monday, September 26, 2016, 4:01 PM

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