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Hi.  My name is Chris Dillard.  I grew up in Houston, Texas, live in Dallas and started Apartment Boy in 2012.
As you can see I like to have fun.  But more than that, I like to help people. 

We’ve come up with a way to help people find places to live – mainly apartments – for free.
That’s no great shakes. Lots of people work in the Apartment industry, right?
But what we do, how we do it, and more importantly… WHY we do it, is what I want to make sure you know a little about.

We now do this on such a grand scale, with 100’s of 1000’s of people calling us each year!
Some magical things have begun to happen.

Big brands and small companies have taken notice.
Companies like Kohls and Home Depot and Applebees and Movers and Electric Companies and local restaurants and many, many more.
They know when you move you have to spend money.
And businesses love to advertise to you knowing that you’re moving.
They want that money, right?

We don’t like that and we do like that.
We don’t like it… because life is already way too expensive.
We do like it… because we now give these companies free access to advertise to you in the Exclusive Apartment Boy Moving Rewards Program.
(That you can look at when you’re ready, and not a moment before!)

They get to advertise to you for free.   So they’re real happy.
But they have to offer you a deal.
They have to save you money.

And Save You Money they do, I assure you.
We’ve got gift cards from companies like Starbucks and Amazon that we get to give to some of our clients.
And we give many Clients a chance to win as much as $10,000.  Ten Grand???!!!
We’re also working on trips and vacations and much much more with our growing Rewards Team.
But we never forget that what you need most of all is a place to live.
So we deliver world class service.
And you get all this by remembering two words.
Apartment + Boy.
When you list Apartment Boy on the Guest Card and the Application as
your Referral Source and Realtor, we get to turn on the Rewards Machine
and help you save money and get money back and find free rent and gift cards and savings galore.
IF you just remember to write Apartment Boy.
Best of all…
We take what the properties pay us and use it to also help the most deserving people on earth.
The poor and orphaned children of the world.
We plan to help thousands.
We do this with Rent-A-Life and World Vision.
So thanks for listening to my story.
If you are ever dissatisfied with our service or our Rewards Program.
Let me know.
Send me an email to LemonadeBoy@ApartmentBoy dot com
I never want to forget how we started.
I never want to forget that some people need a lot of help in finding their next apartment home.
I never want businesses to think because you’re moving they can take advantage of you.
So we make them save you money. Period.
Smile.  Today is a great day no matter what.
Find out why It Pays to Call Apartment Boy!!




Give me a Call. I want to find a new place!