The Minimum Expectation each month for Full Time is 150 New Leads Taken, 8.5% closing Ratio, invoice average at or above Company Average for the month. 

You have a Productivity Score Card and an Activity Score Card.  The important productivity and activity measurements are communicated in Ratios. You are building a business and building a brand.  If you approach this with an employee mentality, you will see your numbers waiver or go down or never go up and you will not care much about the Score Cards.  It’s your choice because it’s your business.

On the other hand, if you want to create something better for you and yours, you should use the Score Cards to improve each month.  

Now… How do you read the Score Cards… Click the Images Below and you will be able to see the Productivity Score Card and the Activity Score Card explanations.  Make sure you have a link to view your own personal score card.  The money portion of the Score Cards are never shared and not to be shared with anyone.  Money is private.  Other numbers are used to help everyone see what is possible and to help you hold yourself accountable… the chief characteristic of a successful business owner.




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