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As soon as you download the Moving Rewards you’ll be sent a link and a one time play only just for you super secret code where you can win anything from surprises and gift cards to one lucky winner who may be you… and WIN THE $10,000 GRAND PRIZE! The only way to get the Spin2Win link is by downloading MovingRewards for Free as a result of using Apartment Boy’s Award Winning Free Service to help you find your next Apartment somewhere in TEXAS!!!  You can buy the MovingRewards as well, but it will not get you the Spin2Win opportunity!  Though it will help you save 1000’s of dollars!  You get it by using our Free Service to help you save time and money finding your next apartment!!!

Q: How do you get the surprises or gift cards or $10,000 grand prize in SPIN2WIN?
A: You’re Apartment Boy Leasing Manager has to confirm that you wrote Apartment Boy at one of our many Apartment Partners as your Referral Source and Realtor.





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