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Meet the team further below!
Whether you need assistance finding apartments, condos, townhomes, etc – we’ve got your back! Our friendly staff consists of licensed agents and Realtors in the state of Texas, willing to lineup appointments for you, check availability at properties, show you around, and see what special deals are available for your move in date!

We are seeking licensed agents to join our team in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, TX!
Think you can make the cut?  Our average agents make around $50,000 per year, while our top agents earn over $100,000!  At we seek agents that want to be part of a positive, winning culture.  Negativity, poor performance, and poor attitudes need not apply.

Ideal candidates will possess the following:

  • A Texas Real Estate license
  • A degree from a 4 year university
  • An iPhone/Android and good quality laptop computer
  • A great, can do, hard working spirit required!
  • Loves people!!
  • Loves helping others!!
  • Loves to grind!!
  • Team player required!
  • Fast on texts and your computer!
  • Process oriented
  • Car
  • Numchuk skills (bonus) offers the following:

  • The opportunity to work for the best apartment locating company in the country!  Hands, freaking down!
  • More leads than any other brokerage provides, guaranteed!!
  • More high quality leads than any other brokerage, guaranteed!!  And ZERO, repeat ZERO favoritism!!  All agents are treated equally on lead distribution, guaran-freaking-teed!!!
  • The best and most innovative contact management system in the real estate industry!
  • The opportunity to work for an unusually philanthropic company dedicated to helping children and needy families around the world!
  • Your invoicing and collections handled by an experienced team with years in the apartment industry!
  • A non-corporate, laid back atmosphere where flip flops and pets are always optional!
  • Ongoing training anytime you need with a management staff dedicated to your success!
  • Work from the office, or work from home!  Either way is cool with us!  No desk fees EVER!!!  Period.
  • The opportunity to work with a broker who thrived as one of the top apartment locators the business has ever seen!!  Learn his tips, strategies, and mindsets that produced annual gross receipts in excess of $300,000 per year, while the average locator grosses less than $100K.
  • Commission splits ranging up to 80/20 based upon top performance!!
  • Monthly objective bonuses and top performer bonuses!!  We reward hard work!!!  And we love doing it!!
  • Healthy snacks and lunches provided time to time to cure your munchies syndrome!!
  • Mimosa Friday?  We say yes!
  • The ability to continue assisting home buyers and sellers (if you desire).  Grow your business with us!!  Lease our leads an apartment for a few years, and then take them through the home buying process!!
  • We provide constant inspiration!!
  • An old-school Mr. Coffee Maker ready to assist your coffee-making needs (The Mr Coffee has officially retired, however Ms Keurig has beautifully continued his reign of quality “Closer Juice” production.)

If interested, send your resume, cover letter, and 4 references to entitled AGENT APPLICANT.

For those about to rock, we salute you.  Rock on.

Terrence Grandison

Jase Farrar

Denise Garza

Renee Channell

Henry D.

Brittany McDaniel

Bobby Lamnatos

Shelby Tanner

Hillary Paine

DFW Leasing Manager

Dena Seright

DFW Leasing Manager

Allie Stracener

Houston Leasing Manager

Wayde Blanshan

Houston Leasing Manager

Randy Shaw

Houston Leasing Manager

Josh Hardy

DFW Leasing Manager

Matthew Gonzalez-Rivas

DFW Leasing Manager

Olivia B.

Houston Area Leasing Manager

Jackie F.

Texas Leasing Manager

Connie Kincade

Leasing Manager - San Antonio

Emma A.

Leasing Manager - Houston/DFW

Ben D.

Leasing Manager - Houston

Henry D.

Leasing Manager - Houston

Molly G.

Leasing Manager - DFW

Brett U.

Leasing Manager - DFW

Shani C.

Leasing Manager - DFW/San Antonio

Chris Morel

Texas Leasing Manager

Brandon U.

Leasing Director - DFW

Chris D.

Broker - President

Chuck S.

Leasing Manager - DFW

Steven S.

Leasing Manager - DFW

Kim D.

Admin Assistant

Charlie D.

Rebates Coordinator

Jason T.

Broker Associate - Houston/DFW

Sharon B.

Leasing Manager - DFW

Brad T.

Leasing Manager - DFW

Phebe M.

Leasing Manager - Houston

Dameon T.


Jill H.

Leasing Manager - DFW