Brandon U.

Leasing Director - DFW

Brandon comes from Rockwall, TX, specializing in relocation within the DFW Metroplex.  He is currently Leasing Director for in DFW, and assists with hiring, recruiting, and training new agents among other duties.  His favorite areas of town include Knox-Henderson and Greenvile Ave.  Some of his favorite properties include Landmark on Lovers, Monaco on the Trail, and Greenvue.

Prior to joining the team he worked for Coldwell Banker as a Realtor.

He’s devoted to helping his customers find the perfect place that fits their needs.  He attended the University of North Texas, and is an avid sports fan (both playing and watching).

He’s also a fantasy football fanatic and enjoys dominating multiple leagues.  His favorite teams include the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Mavs.  He secretly has a major crush on all Houston sports teams, but can’t seem to admit their greatness and superiority to all thing Dallas.




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