You Gotta Move

Enjoy the You Gotta Move blues from Apartment Boy & Fred McDowell…


It ain’t fun, is it?  But we make it a lot easier on you. First of all, we work for free, because the Property Owners pay us to help people like you. We help you find places not on the 100’s of apps and websites.  We do some of the searching and finding for you but only you know what you like.  It means you can stop all the calling, clicking and bookmarking. We’ll customize your search and put it all with an easy access link just for you sitting in your email when you’re ready for it. Then we’ll help you schedule appointments and verify prices and availabilities, because in today’s web based reality, the prices and availabilities literally change minute by minute.

And after you find a place, IF you remember to write down Apartment Boy was your referral source, then we can also get you the following:
* A cash rebate of up to $200 that is all new money to you
* Register you in a contest to win free rent each month
* Set you up with Apartment Moving specialists and save you around $100 on your move
* Get you a savings on your monthly electric bill of about 50% of normal… every month.
* And a whole lot more.

Find out why people everywhere are saying, “It pays to call Apartment Boy.”

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